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  • Coaching Skills - Becoming a good coach takes practice and time to hone the craft. If you are the person that people come to for advice - you are probably coaching now - you just don’t know it (or get paid for it).
  • Business Skills - Starting a business has it’s unique challenges, from “How do I start a coaching practice” right on through “How do I run my coaching business day to day?”
  • Marketing Skills - Getting started is just the beginning. Your coaching practice will continue to grow and thrive throughout the years when you discover how to attract clients instead of trying to “sell” your services!

Your comprehensive training can be compared to a 3-legged stool - if even just one leg of the stool is missing, you will spend most of your time trying to keep from falling down.


This approach helps you because ALL of the skill sets for these three necessary competencies are essential for your professional coaching practice to stand strong, balanced, and secure.

While the Coaching Skills account for nearly 50% of the training, the Business and Marketing training is critical to your success.

You can be an amazingly skilled coach but if you haven’t established good business practices and effectively promoted your services, you will never attain the ultimate level of success you deserve.