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Client Tools

Programs, Products & Teleclasses

Here you will find client management programs, audio lessons, recorded coaching sessions, recommended software, eBooks and other products. You are encouraged to register for the free teleclasses that catch your interest. There are also additional programs featured here to help you build and fill a sustainable coaching practice.


Gaining extra insight into particular parts of the course is always helpful. These free teleclasses are provided exclusively to Accelerator participants as a way to extend your learning and comprehension. They are available to you at no charge and you may participate in them as many times as you like. You can view the available teleclasses here.

Coaching & Mentoring

* Join a select group of passionate coaches and discover the secrets to having a truly abundant coaching practice with the Prosperous Coach. Learn the attitude and actions that will earn you a six-figure income. The route to success has been mapped out. Here are the tools, short cuts, and support for achieving your dreams. * If you want to become certified, the Coach Training Alliance offers the Certified Coach Program. This comprehensive course is condensed to six months and is perfect for disciplined coaches. Students participate in group mentoring sessions, gain coaching experience, and receive guidance and feedback from a professional Mentor Coach.

Marketing & Business Building

* Place the Are You Coachable? quiz on your website and have qualified prospects contacting YOU! It's an attractive, simple and fully automated assessment for attracting and evaluating new coaching clients. And the best part is... since you're already a Friend of CTA, it's FREE! * You're in the driver's seat with this new online practice management system created by coaches for coaches. It meets you exactly where you are in your practice and takes the fear out of the business and marketing side of coaching. As a student of CTA, you receive a 50% discount on the license fee. Learn all about these powerful tools in The Coaches Console for driving your coaching practice. * Here are the secrets for turning your coaching business into an online money machine. Learn how to use your website, email, and information products to give you more time, money, and freedom in your coaching practice. Ali's done it and she’ll show you, step by step, how you can too. See all the testimonials for the Online Success Blueprint® System. This multimedia program delivers ten easy techniques and detailed formulas designed to bring the sale to you. Read AND listen to Success Without Selling to transform your image and shape your personality in order to meet the success criteria of your profession. You will dramatically increase your earnings with this unique approach. * AudioGenerator™ puts the power of the human voice on your Website without slow downloads, custom plug-ins, or annoying pop-ups. What a great way for people to "experience" you while they're visiting your website. No matter how long your audio message is, AudioGenerator is designed to play the moment your visitor clicks the “Play Button” … even if they’re on dial-up. * Here's an easy-to-use eCommerce system that doesn't require any programming. Practice Pay Solutions plugs directly into your website. In addition to accepting credit cards, you'll have a client and prospect management system, affiliate tracking program and digital delivery of your eBooks. You can test-drive the system for 30 days for FREE.

Writing & Publishing

* When we delved into Ali Brown's program Boost Business With Your Own E-zine we didn't really expect to learn much we didn't already know. We had been publishing e-zines for a several years and felt comfortable. We were wrong. What we learned changed the way we do business.

Audio Sessions

Above & Beyond

Conversations with the Accelerator co-authors, Will Craig and Rhonda Hess, that help you take your coaching practice to the next level.

Introduction (3:34)

Open Challenge Forum (5:40)

Section 1 Review (7:00)

Section 2 Review (11:14)

Section 3 Review (13:38)

Section 4 Review (12:39)

Section 5 Review (10:09)


Coaching Sessions: Actual, full-length, un-cut coaching sessions with various coaches, clients and topics.

Coach Joanne guides her client thru business and personal issues toward taking consistent action to manifest his dream. (45:06)

Coach Laurie works with her client on developing the perfect niche and helps her drill down to the appropriate level. (44:11)

Coach Dave tackles the client's agenda asking direct questions and demonstrating listening on multiple levels. (48:39)

Coach Rhonda mentors her client on implementing effective strategies and establishing a solid business.(36:22)
Coach Drayton engages role playing and the client's recent learning experience to invite a positive shift in the workplace. (41:31)