Praise and Acclaim for CTA Programs

Coach Training Accelerator


“I’m amazed! I can read it over and over, or listen to it over and over, and learn more each time. And, it definitely has those “unexpected insights” it claims to have. It is an excellent, comprehensive, well-rounded program. The digital version, the hard-copy format and the teleclasses together provide a complete education in coaching that addresses different learning styles..”

Leanne Attwell
Alberta, Canada

“The Coach Training Accelerator software is so complete. I have a Masters Degree plus many more credits at the masters level and I have never had access to information as complete as what is in the Accelerator.”

Charlene Helble
Okemos, Michigan

“It’s easy to use, packed full of information with a lot of additional resource information.”

Becky Bjorgum
White Bear Lake, Minnesota

“The Accelerator has a wealth of information. It’s convenient and easy to use and much more affordable than other coaching programs.”

Danielle Cote
Boston, Massachusetts

“It is really well done – simple, well orchestrated and laid out and full of practical information.”

Natascha McChessney
Rancho San Diego, California

“After one sitting with the Accelerator, I acknowledged myself for having made the right decision. The way it is designed is brilliant! ”

Karen Ostranger
Port Angeles, Washington

“The Accelerator is an extremely clear and well thought out. It is the backbone of building a successful coaching business as well as being a guide to becoming a masterful coach. It is not only useful now but will be throughout my coaching career.”

Annie Stone
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“As a life-long professional educator, I am most impressed with the layout of the written materials. The manuals are concise, logical, and direct allowing one to study and internalize concepts very quickly. This course has also provided a strong, ‘hands-on’, practical approach to coaching.”

Mary-Anne van der Walle
London, Ontario

“The software is great… well-organized and practical. Lots of content but not overwhelming.”

Deb Busser
Dunstable, Massachusetts

“Easy to use–easy to navigate–I was pleased that I could download the course right away so I could get a headstart on my program.”

Karole Hough
Pontiac, Illinois

“The content is written in an easy to read format, with examples relevant to the topic. Also, I really enjoy the related articles to each lesson.”

Nan Einarson
Oshawa, Ontario

“It is very comprehensive and easy to use. I can reference anything I need within a few seconds. It covers both coaching topics and business/marketing topics for entrepreneurs. I love the quotes in the margins of each page! It is very well organized, and the supporting documents/links make it possible to find extra information quite easily.”

Ali Adatia
Toronto, Canada

“The software is an invaluable tool and will continue to be so. It is well thought out and put together to be user-friendly.”

Sherry Sanford
Franklin, Tennessee

“It is well laid out and has a variety of contributors with useful examples and ideas. It is comprehensive in that it not only gives valuable How-to coach information, it also covers and stresses marketing and business practices”

Patricia A. Thompson
Morganton, North Carolina

“The Accelerator is a great course, packed with great content and very easy to navigate. All the information needed to start a coaching practice is in this program.”

David Mason
Nova Scotia, Canada

“I’ve found the Acceletator course to be very helpful. It is professionally packaged and well put together. It is very easy to navigate through the material.”

Karen Lawson
Santa Fe, Texas

“The written materials and CDs are really wonderful, and I can use them the advanced work assignments when I am ready to take my coaching to the next level. Best of all, I have new friends and a new network of support.”

Gretchen Novasio
Seattle, Washington

“It’s easy to use, helpful and will prove to be a resource to which I’ll refer continually as I grow in coaching. The ‘live’ coaching sessions make good models, and help greatly with knowing how and when to ask ‘powerful questions.’ They’ll be played many times over the coming years well into my days as a private practitioner.”

James Tremblay
St. Albans, Vermont