Achieve your professional coaching goals in less than 6 months…

What It’s Like Getting Started

Coaching is an incredible profession! The Accelerator walks you through the exact steps you need to take to reach your goals… from landing your first client to diversifying a full coaching practice with multiple income streams.The first time you open the program you’ll want to just wander around the “virtual campus.” Become familiar with all the resources you have at your fingertips. These are the three main Centers of Learning:

Coaches Training Course
A 20-lesson comprehensive program providing step-by-step instruction. Self-study, self-paced course formatted to complement the CTA Certified Coach Program and serves as the “course text” for this optional next step in professional development..

Resource Library
Supporting documents including: outlines, examples, models, worksheets, templates, and printable forms. Related articles from various professional coaches and mentors providing additional insights and varying viewpoints.

Coaching Client Tools
On-going teleclasses, practice management software free trial, client assessment demos, recommended ezines, eBooks and products on the topics of Coaching & Mentoring, Marketing & eCommerce, and Writing & Publishing.


Achieve your professional coaching goals
in less than 6 months… GUARANTEED!

Accelerate Your Success As A Coach
By Taking These Proven Steps…
From Landing Your First Client
To Expanding Into A Full Practice
With Multiple Sources of Income.

“This program is extremely clear and well thought out. It is the backbone of building a successful coaching business as well as being a guide to becoming a masterful coach. It is not only useful now but will be throughout my coaching career.”

Annie Stone
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

*The newly revised, updated, and expanded Coach Training Accelerator™.
This is the complete, A-Z, step-by-step multimedia course on how you
can become a successful and profitable coach… Starting today!



Date:. January 21, 2011
….To: .All Coaches and Soon-to-Be Coaches
From: .Will Craig, Founder-Coach Training Alliance

Dear Friend,

et’s start with a question: If you could easily transition into your own professional level business, working from your home office, doing what you love… how much money would you like to make?



$100,000.00 or more

If your goal is to make great living while helping others succeed, congratulations! You have found the ideal way to achieve your desires in the shortest amount of time for the smallest investment. Read on to learn the fastest and most effective way to a successful and fulfilling coaching practice.

The First Step is Where You
Need the Most Guidance

My first year in coaching was challenging. But after lots of trial and error, I designed a system for myself that developed me into a respected coach and brought me more clients than I could handle. (And my annual income soared well above $60,000.)

People asked me to share that system and —long story short— this led to what I’m going to tell you about today. And what I am going to tell you flies in the face of the conventional wisdom. That so-called “wisdom” attempts to convince you that becoming a coach is a major investment of time and money.

Wrong! The fact is… good coach training doesn’t need to be expensive or take years to complete. What counts is finding the all-important answers to these questions:

      1. What do you need to know?
      2. When do you need to know it? and,
      3. How quickly can you turn this knowledge into clients and income?

Most of us find those answers to THOSE questions by attending the School of Hard Knocks. As you know, that’s not a lot of fun – and, it comes with an unusually high price tag.

An Easier, More Cost-Effective Path –
WITHOUT the “Busywork”

Here’s some good news: I’ve attended the courses for you, paid the high tuition, skipped only a few boring (and non-essential) classes, and, most important, discovered the answers to those tough questions. What I’m most excited to share with you are the things I didn’t expect to learn – things that are going to smooth the rough road faced by most self-employed professionals.

Yes, I’ve included the important parts of what I learned while earning my Master’s degree in Education and Human Development at the George Washington University in D.C. But more importantly, I’ve also included the essential “keepers” from life lessons and hard-earned experience.

Here is where all that comes from:

  • Years of professional coaching (since 1999) – all in all, 20+ years if you count the time before it was officially called coaching
  • Creating two powerful online newsletters (Coaching Compass and Promoting You!)
  • Teaching countless telesessions and coach training programs
  • Writing and co-authoring books (Success Without Selling, Exploring Coaching,
    Think and Grow Rich for Coaches)
  • Developing interactive multimedia programs (Fill Your Coaching Practice)
  • Co-authoring and publishing numerous training programs (including the Coaching Practice Incubator and the Expert’s Fast Track), and
  • Serving as President of the Denver chapter of the International Coach Federation

Yet, despite all my experience, I don’t claim to have all the answers. So I went out and assembled an expert team of coaches and mentors to help create the unique and dynamic program I will tell you about shortly. The team’s prime directive: to research proven ways to quickly deliver coaching knowledge to new and established coaches.

We realized – as good as the programs we had already developed were – there was still a way to make them better. We KNEW we could STILL provide both basic AND advanced training that was better and faster… with greater value… for less money.

Rhonda Hess, Facilitator and Mentor Coach for the Certified Coach Program at the Coach Training Alliance, stepped up as the Master Curriculum Developer. A recognized leader in the coaching community and a truly gifted Mentor Coach herself, Rhonda proved to be the perfect guide (and driver) for the Accelerator.

More than a dozen other experienced coaches also contributed to this comprehensive program and helped zero in on the trigger points that truly make the difference in coaching success.

Introducing: Your “Fast Track” to Coaching Success

“I can move at my own pace…read the material and save it for future reference. It covers every aspect of coaching… and marketing. If you follow the Accelerator and complete the assignments, there is no way you can fail as a coach.”

Susan J. Ferraro
Jericho, New York

All of these resources and experts have come together to create the Coach Training Accelerator™… a self-paced, interactive program that includes a 20-week Coach Training Course, advanced Client Tools, and an extensive Resource Library. This comprehensive program gets you started immediately, guides you down the quickest path to generating income, and provides you with the essential tools and supporting materials.

According to the latest results from ACT (American College Testing), fewer than 54% of students graduate from higher education programs. And in coaching, the reasons such a high number of people don’t finish other training programs is NOT because they don’t have the ability or the passion. And it’s NOT because they don’t have the life experience or the desire.

It’s because they are not being taught in a way that is engaging and in a way that is moving them quickly toward their goal.

Coach training doesn’t need to take two… or three… or four years. And it doesn’t need to bury you in debt, either. Unfortunately, most coach training programs DO take a long time and cost a lot of money. I don’t know for sure, but I expect the people who put them together think the people who buy them equate “quantity” with “quality.”

Personally, I think your time is valuable, and that you’d like the most efficient and effective way to fully prepare for a thriving coaching practice. That’s why we engineered the Accelerator coach training system to get you up and running quickly and affordably.

“The practicality of the exercises that are designed to start, build, and sustain coaching practices are most valuable to me. This is the single most organized and clearly presented original curriculum and course material I have seen to date.”

Robin Kirby
Norcross, Georgia

Practical Knowledge
Tailored to Your Needs

You’ll have a flexible, yet comprehensive program that you can easily tailor to your specific needs – both now, and as you develop over the course of your coaching career:

1. As a self-paced, self-study program for establishing a solid, sustainable coaching practice.

2. As a companion guide and reference source for ongoing learning and professional development.

3. OPTION: As the course text and resource materials for the CTA Certified Coach Program. If you choose to take this optional, separate 22-week comprehensive live training program, you’ll use the Accelerator in combination with group mentoring, real-time coaching practice, critique and feedback.

The nice thing about the Accelerator is, once you see it, you won’t need to sort through and attend hundreds of different courses to be a good coach. And you won’t be buried in hundreds of forms and have to guess which are the most important. So you won’t have to wonder how long it will take to begin your coaching career and start making the money you deserve – because you can start right away.

Accelerated Learning System
Cuts To the Chase

The secret to your accelerated growth is building on what you already know. This trademarked coaching system enables you to experience your knowledge, by translating your knowledge into actual, tangible experiences for you.

Probably the most unique aspect of the program is that it “plugs in” to where you are now and stays with you throughout your coaching journey. Here are the three phases of the program:

Live Coaching Orientation (for new coaches)

Your 1st Year As A Coach (for established coaches)

Advanced Skills and Techniques (for seasoned coaches)

So, in this way, you’ll be able to enhance your development throughout your career – first as a new coach… then, as an established coach… and after that, as an advanced coach.

Bottom line: Unless you’re flush with cash and are in no rush to become a great coach… there’s no reason to spend $4,000.00 to $10,000.00 or wait 2-3 long years to establish your coaching career.

The 20 comprehensive lessons in this program prepare you for real world coaching better, faster, and for less money than any other coach training program. The Accelerator provides you with timely, practical, accessible knowledge in less than 6 months for under $700.

There’s no padding. There’s no fluff… just hard-hitting, directly applicable tools and resources you can put to use immediately.

Here’s What Your Peers in the Profession
Have to Say…

You’ll find the Coach Training Accelerator™ to be the ideal training program and companion guide for your growth and development as a coach. Just look at these comments from other coaches and coaches-in-training:

“I like the approach, the tone, the manner. It is as much personal as it is professional.”

Monika R. Smith
Reedville, Virginia

“It is really well done – simple, well orchestrated and laid out and full of practical information.”

Natascha McChessney
Rancho San Diego, California

“The content is written in an easy to read format, with examples relevant to the topic. Also, I really enjoy the related articles to each lesson.”

Nan Einarson
Ontario, Canada

“I recommended this course to a friend, though I did encourage her (as I had done) to explore all the other opportunities. This is –by far– better organized, more reasonably priced and offers the highest level of quality and professionalism necessary to spearhead our coaching careers. Thank you!”

Cynthia Kaplan
Mexico City, Mexico

“It is well laid out and has a variety of contributors with useful examples and ideas. It is comprehensive in that it not only gives valuable How-to coach information, it also covers and stresses marketing and business practices”

Patricia A. Thompson
Morganton, North Carolina

“What I find most valuable is the ease of use and the many avenues to follow for one lesson. It leads me to many new discoveries. Sometimes I read them over several times.”

Patty Levasseur
Valdez, Alaska

“Professional, accessible, and comprehensive. A good balance between coach training and business aspects… plus, I love the quotes!”

Charlotte Gloede
Roseville, California

“The Coach Training Accelerator is so complete. I have a Masters Degree and I have never had access to information as complete as this.”

Charlene Helble
Okemos, Michigan

“I favor complex thoughts but like concise expressions. This is what I find with the training. There’s never a time that I wondered about the meaning of the instruction. I know how difficult it is to get complex messages across to diverse audiences. Whoever designed it is genius in my book.”

Blanca Stephens
South Huntington, New York

“The Accelerator is a great course, packed with great content and very easy to navigate. All the information needed to start a coaching practice is in this program.”

David Mason
Nova Scotia, Canada

“I find the worksheets and exercises most helpful. It’s great not having to reinvent the wheel. I have already recommended this course to several friends and told them how the program is effective, valuable and fun.”

Jackie Nolan
Sacramento, California

What It’s Like Getting Started

Coaching is an incredible profession! The Accelerator walks you through the exact steps you need to take to reach your goals… from landing your first client to diversifying a full coaching practice with multiple income streams.

The first time you open the program you’ll want to just wander around the “virtual campus.” Become familiar with all the resources you have at your fingertips. These are the three main Centers of Learning:

Coaches Training Course
A 20-lesson comprehensive program providing step-by-step instruction. Self-study, self-paced course formatted to complement the CTA Certified Coach Program and serves as the “course text” for this optional next step in professional development..

Resource Library
Supporting documents including: outlines, examples, models, worksheets, templates, and printable forms. Related articles from various professional coaches and mentors providing additional insights and varying viewpoints.

Coaching Client Tools
On-going teleclasses, practice management software free trial, client assessment demos, recommended ezines, eBooks and products on the topics of Coaching & Mentoring, Marketing & eCommerce, and Writing & Publishing.

The Most “Real World” Coach Training Available
Here’s Why…

As you continue to familiarize yourself with this amazing program, you’ll discover hundreds of pages containing exactly what you need to be truly successful in this business. No fluff… no filler… just straight-to-the-point facts, figures, and examples. A distinguishing feature of the Coach Training Accelerator™ is a multidimensional emphasis on ALL the components of a rewarding practice.

In addition to required coaching skills and techniques, you’ll learn and apply business development skills and gain professional practice marketing expertise. Your comprehensive training can be compared to a 3-legged stool:

1. Coaching skills

2. Business skills, and

3. Marketing skills

This approach helps you because ALL of the skill sets for these three necessary competencies are essential for your professional coaching practice to stand strong, balanced, and secure. While the Coaching Skills account for nearly 50% of the training, the Business and Marketing training is critical to your success. You can be an amazingly skilled coach but if you haven’t established good business practices and effectively promoted your services, you will never attain the ultimate level of success you deserve.

Look at it this way: If even just one leg of the stool is missing, you will spend most of your time trying to keep from falling down.

Of course, it would be wonderful if all you needed to succeed was to be a great coach. After all, that’s where your instincts point you, right? And, to be brutally honest, that’s why other coach training programs only concentrate on teaching you 1/3 of what it takes to be truly great. They appeal to “fulfilling” those immediate, surface level desires without addressing the hidden secrets to a full and fulfilling practice – the business and marketing skills necessary to get and keep enough profitable clients.

Sadly, many of the prospective coaches in other programs end up taking years to meet their business and financial goals… if they ever reach them at all.

“Having the audio CDs made it very convenient to absorb the material while away from my office.  I particularly enjoyed hearing the examples of real coaching sessions by experienced coaches.”

Janice Sabatine
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Your unique advantage with the Coach Training Accelerator™ is that no other course takes this proven approach to ensure your professional AND financial success. By the end of the program, you will possess all three of these necessary competencies: coaching skills, business skills and marketing skills. Each skill is woven together with the others in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement system.

Important: Even though the material is extensive and in-depth, you will find the contents instantly accessible. All content pieces are cross-linked with one another, and that lets you effortlessly navigate key topics and areas of interest, to give you the help you need, when you need it most.

How This Program Gets Your Practice
Up and Running Very Quickly

The Accelerator combines the most effective tools, proven techniques, and best practices in the field of coaching. You receive expert recommendations as well as detailed practical information you can put to use immediately.

“The Accelerator is really invaluable. I use the CDs a lot. I have a 2 hour commute every day to Lausanne for my business accounting course and listen to the CDs over and over again!”

Valsa Verghese
Canton Vaud, Switzerland

Challenge Solution
“How do I know where to start and what tools will I need?” Turn to the Simple Coaching Model (page 4, Supporting Documents) and the QuickStart CD-ROM. You’ll find an elegant, easy-to-use coaching model that makes your coaching more intuitive. You’ll also find additional supporting documents, related articles, client tools, customizable coaching forms, and more…
“What is a coaching session like and how do I know what to say?” Listen to the Coaching Session CDs (1 thru 5) and review Lessons 10 & 11 in Section 3 – Effective Coaching Tools. Gain insights and direction from more than a dozen established coaches and experts. Read and hear actual coaching dialogues with real coaches and clients that illustrate the techniques, skills, and phrasing of masterful sessions.
“How do I set my fees and how much money can I make?” Refer to Lessons 7 – Setting Your Rates & Accounting for Success and Lesson 15 – Niche to Be Rich. Discover coaching fee ranges and where you fit. Learn how to fully develop your client base and tap into your niche market. Diversify your practice and generate multiple streams of coaching income.
“What do I need to do to set up my business and generate income?” Lay your foundation in Lessons 6 and 8 in Section 2 – Impeccable Business Sense and with the Client Attraction Plan Worksheet (page 59, Supporting Documents). Understand the details of owning your own business. Uncover the secrets to thinking like a successful entrepreneur and self-employed practitioner. Know how to attract your ideal clients.
“Where do I find new clients and how should I promote myself?” Review Lessons 13 – Attracting Versus Selling and Lesson 14 – Gaining Visibility and Credibility along with the Supporting Document, 20 Effective Marketing Approaches (page 41). Learn how to become a client magnet without selling. Know the inside scoop on building and sustaining a full practice without spending a dime on advertising.
“How can I be a masterful coach and a respected professional?” Immerse yourself in Section 1 – Coaching From Center, Section 3 – Effective Coaching Tools, and Section 5 – Masterful Coaching. Also, become familiar with the Professional Guidelines, Standards & Ethics in Lesson 3. Included are basic and advanced coaching skills, models, techniques, and strategies, like: seizing the ‘coachable moment’ and inviting the ‘shift.’
“Can this program increase my profits even after I’m firmly established?” Yes. Check Out Lesson 12 – Developing Strong Support Systems and Lesson 17- The Art of Coaching, and the Supporting Document, Achieving Balance (page 27). The program is tailored to the 3 stages of coaching: new coach, established coach, and advanced coach. Use the Accelerator as a companion guide to reference over and over again throughout your career.

When you have the Coach Training Accelerator™, all the answers you need are right at your fingertips. You’re even linked to additional supporting documents, related articles, and advanced work that helps build your practice quickly and confidently.

“I like how the Accelerator is split into modules and how each module has various aspects from class notes, to supporting documents, to related articles and advanced work. What I enjoy most is that it offers a nice blend of learning “how to be a great coach” and setting up a viable coaching practice. I don’t know where my practice would be without this combination.”

William F. Short
New York, NY

Five Major Sections of Your Training

You have the choice of moving around the course at your own pace and toward your own interests –OR– you can follow the step-by-step sequence designed to guide you to your destination:

…Total time (45:14 )


Click the “play” button
to listen to a portion of
Coaching From Center.













CD-ROM Tutorial Section 1

Coaching from Center
This section lays the foundation upon which you will build your practice. It’s an exciting place to start because you don’t need to be anyone other than who you already are to make the most of this profession!

Here’s Just a Small Sample of Insights
You Will Gain on CD Section 1…
  • Centering yourself and your coaching practice directly from your vision, your authenticity, and your passion.
  • Determining who your Ideal Clients are and where to find them in abundance.
  • Articulating the benefits of your coaching to your ideal clients with ease and confidence.
  • Knowing and appreciating the value of being your own authentic self.
  • Learning how to give sample sessions to prospective clients and easily winning their business.
  • Knowing the roles and responsibilities of the coach and the client.
  • Understanding and committing to the standards and ethics of the coaching profession.
  • Being able to distinguish between coaching, consulting and therapy.
  • Uncovering what is undeniably unique about you as a coach and using it everyday in your practice.
  • Considering the value of having your own coach and where to find the right one.
  • Crafting your personal message and articulating what you do with ease.
  • Discovering possible specialties and niches for your coaching practice that fit you like a glove.
  • And much, much more.

…Total time (49:45 )


Click the “play” button
to listen to a portion of Impeccable Business













CD-ROM Tutorial Section 2

Impeccable Business Sense
Here is where you put the pieces in place that will significantly enhance your financial future. This is the springboard that allows you to serve others from a place of comfort and confidence.

Here’s Just a Small Sample of Insights
You Will Gain on CD Section 2…
  • Building resources, networks and structures to support your practice.
  • Establishing a solid cornerstone for your business.
  • The secret to setting fees with integrity and self-assurance.
  • Understanding how to create Reinforcing Moments for yourself.
  • Learning the key elements for enjoying a solid start in coaching.
  • Knowing how to build a community of advisors and coaching resources.
  • Understanding and managing timely and professional communications.
  • Establishing office hours and setting boundaries around your work.
  • Deciding on the best way to track client information and progress.
  • Examining accounting and record keeping systems for your business.
  • Learning the different legal business structures and what will work best for you.
  • Knowing how to gather the best prospective clients and ongoing referral sources.
  • And much, much more.

…Total time (1:17:28 )


Click the “play” button
to listen to a portion of
Effective Coaching











CD-ROM Tutorial Section 3

Effective Coaching Tools
The most exciting thing about this section is discovering you already have the innate abilities to be very good at this! The fun comes in polishing and enhancing your skills to take your coaching to the next level.

Here’s Just a Small Sample of Insights
You Will Gain on CD Section 3…
  • Recognizing the value of intuition and how to use it in your coaching.
  • Developing the intuitive response skills of relating, mirroring, challenging, and endorsing.
  • Honing the skills for becoming an effective accountability partner.
  • Strategizing, supporting and moving your clients into action.
  • Learning how to prepare for sessions and how to tune in to your clients.
  • The art and nuance of listening and asking questions.
  • Understanding what makes a question POWERFUL.
  • Knowing how to use the question-response pattern that enables your client to focus.
  • Being able to identify the types of goal setters and achievers and how to coach each one.
  • Knowing the key reference points that bring your client to their own solutions.
  • Understanding how to help your client create support systems.
  • Understanding the need for respecting and trusting both your clients and yourself.
  • And much, much more.

…Total time (1:03:47 )


Click the “play” button
to listen to a portion of Becoming a Client













CD-ROM Tutorial Section 4

Becoming a Client Magnet
What you discover in this section will change –forever– the way you view marketing. Once you learn how to take advantage of this no-pressure, no-cold-calling, ”just-be- yourself” promotion system, you’ll be amazed at the steady stream of new business coming your way on a regular basis. In fact, you’ll wish you learned this long ago.

Here’s Just a Small Sample of Insights
You Will Gain on CD Section 4…
  • Attracting clients in ways that are fun and easy.
  • Creating visibility and credibility while earning income and showcasing your skills.
  • Understanding the key elements that build people’s trust in your abilities.
  • Learning how to attract clients just by being your authentic self.
  • Leveraging your marketing by providing the high touch approach.
  • Being able to shift your focus from being interesting to being interested.
  • Knowing how to best connect with prospects and demonstrate the value of your services.
  • Learning multiple ways of creating visibility with your Ideal Clients.
  • Understanding how to use your existing knowledge and wisdom to gain credibility and awareness.
  • Learning how to differentiate yourself and stand out from everyone else.
  • Deciding how to become an expert in a chosen specialty and then owning that niche.
  • Learning specific and inexpensive ways to get the most from your marketing efforts.
  • And much, much more.

…Total time (1:17:17)


Click the “play” button
to listen to a portion of
Masterful Coaching











CD-ROM Tutorial Section 5

Masterful Coaching Sessions
This final section enables you to distinguish yourself as a respected professional coach. These coaching nuances and subtleties unlock your potential to make a truly meaningful impact on the lives of others. Once you have this material down, you have every right to include yourself at the highest level of coaches in the profession.

Here’s Just a Small Sample of Insights
You Will Gain on CD Section 5…
  • Mastering the four elements of the coaching model.
  • Honoring the client’s agenda without hijacking it.
  • Discovering the three factors that must be present in order for coaching to be effective.
  • Discovering what a Coachable Moment is.
  • Learning how to use the Nine Clues to find Coachable Moments.
  • Knowing how to make a proper Coach Request.
  • Framing the masterpiece with meaningful Coach Requests and inquiries.
  • Investigating whether you have clearly set up the Co-creative Relationship.
  • Learning how to hear underlying agendas.
  • Acknowledging the value of metaphor for inviting “the shift.”
  • Discovering different ways to invite “the shift” and how to catalyze change for your clients.
  • Understanding how Framing the Masterpiece works in the coaching session.
  • And much, much more.

“This is the most concise business-building program that I have seen. It teaches what I did not get throughout my MBA. It goes beyond theory into practical application.”

Saundra Lockwood
Panama City, Florida

So What’s Coaching Really Like?

You can read about coaching. You can hear an example of what coaching should sound like. But nothing beats experiencing an authentic, true-to-life, honest-to-goodness coaching session.

And the only thing better than sitting in on a real session is experiencing five actual, unedited, start-to-finish coaching sessions from five very different coaches… each with their own unique style.

See where you fit in as a coach. Learn the nuances of coaching and why it’s changing lives so rapidly. Pick up valuable tips and techniques from all five coaches to use in your own coaching practice.

Coaching Session #1 with Coach Joanne

Coach Joanne guides her client thru business and personal issues toward taking consistent action to manifest his dream.

The session begins with a clarification of the agenda. Then Coach Joanne keeps the client on track with bottom-line questions and helps him stay in the moment by providing feedback and showing appreciation of energy and accomplishments. The client is able to develop well-defined action steps to move himself forward while confirming his commitment to the challenges.


Coaching Session #2 with Coach Dave

In this session, Coach Dave works with a long time client who has concerns about the feedback he has been given on his performance review. Through listening on multiple levels, and asking probing questions, Coach Dave helps to shift the client from concerns about his performance, to a more thorough understanding of his bosses needs and requirements.

This session is a good example of how a coach can help a client clarify their own thoughts and develop actions that will allow the client to move forward with action, rather than focus on the past.


Coaching Session #3 with Coach Rhonda

Coach Rhonda mentors her client on implementing effective strategies and establishing a solid business. She mentors her client on persistently attracting her targeted clients to her coaching business. Attention is given to the distinction between following up professionally rather than chasing prospective clients, while also having patience for the process of creating visibility and credibility over time.

This session demonstrates the techniques of guiding the client in staying committed to their goal.


Coaching Session #4 with Coach Laurie

Coach Laurie works with her client on developing the perfect niche and helps her drill down to the appropriate level.

This client had been struggling for quite a while with a few different target markets that she was passionate about, and had a hard time narrowing down to one. In this session, her creativity emerges and she crafts a unique niche that she is extremely excited about. Witness this breakthrough, and the resulting clarity that provides a clear path for her marketing plan.


Coaching Session #5 with Coach Drayton

Coach Drayton engages role playing and the client’s recent learning experience to invite a positive shift in the workplace.

His client is able to springboard from a revelation that makes him realize he should not give up on members of his staff. He becomes more inclusive of all employees, and overcomes a current culture of “learned helplessness.”With a focus on outcomes Coach Drayton assists his client in negotiating the crucial conversations necessary to address the underlying issues that have led to low morale and decreased productivity.


“After one sitting with the Accelerator, I acknowledged myself for having made the right decision. The way it is designed is brilliant! ”

Karen Ostranger
Port Angeles, Washington

Live Help and Personal Guidance

This feature—alone—is worth the entire price of the program. How great would it be to have an experienced certified coach on your side? Someone you could ask any question you wanted?

Lisa Pisano is an experienced Certified Coach who’s been exactly where you are now and knows how to get you where you want to be. Each month you have the opportunity to ask questions and learn—first hand—from Lisa’s experience and the experience of other coaches in an exclusive, monthly 1-hour call-in session.

This personal guidance is available to you for an entire year…
at no charge. It’s all included in the comprehensive Coach Training Accelerator program. You decide when you’re ready to fly solo.
Until then, Lisa stays with you! Enroll Now.

Lisa Pisano
Certified Coach,
New Coach Advisor

Bonus CD-ROM, Programs & Publications

You deserve everything you need to build and fill a successful coaching practice. So, if you invest in the Coach Training Accelerator™ system today, you’ll also receive the FREE bonuses described below.

These are not just incentives to encourage you to act on your dream of becoming a coach. They are crucial elements for maximizing your learning and application of this comprehensive coach training course.

You will never really grow your coaching business (and your prosperity) if you don’t apply what you learn in these bonus programs. Each of them have previously been sold separately for significant amounts of money. But you get them, with my compliments, if you’re among the first to secure your copy of the system.

Here’s a brief look at each one in closer detail:


The Jump Start Accelerator

Can’t wait to get started on your new coaching career? Begin your training within the next 5 minutes. As soon as you place your order you will receive an immediate digital download of the Jump Start Accelerator (PC only) absolutely FREE.
Retail value $399.00

This self-paced, interactive software program includes the opening lessons of the 20-week Coach Training Course, and overviews of the advanced Client Tools, and extensive Resource Library. This downloadable software program gets you started immediately while your full training program is rushed to you via UPS.

Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • The Digital Accelerator provides you with hundreds of links to timely, practical, accessible knowledge… all just a click away.
  • You’re linked to additional supporting documents, related articles, and advanced work that help build your practice quickly and confidently.
  • You have immediate access to online resources including exclusive admittance to the Accelerator’s Client Tools proprietary website.
  • When you have the Jump Start Accelerator on your computer’s desktop, the answers you need are right at your fingertips.
  • There’s no waiting to get started. This software program downloads directly to your computer in minutes as soon as you place your order.

Do you want to coach? Or do you want to spend your time convincing others they should hire you?

Acquiring a stable of great clients doesn’t need to be painful or embarrassing. Bonus #2 provides you with the most authentic and effective way to fill your coaching practice FAST!


Fill Your Coaching Practice

The advanced marketing and promotion program that shows you the way to market yourself without intruding on others. Learn how to have great prospects lining up and BEGGING you for the chance to hire you as their coach! (PC only)
Retail value $149.00

Begin acquiring new clients right away. As you easily move through one lesson a week in this 8-week self-paced, self-study course, you will keep getting new techniques you can use to build your practice with little or no effort. You’ll learn and master these three key elements:

1. Value Marketing A kinder, gentler system for increasing your credibility and perceived value that costs very little or costs nothing at all.

2. Client Acquisition Model A step-by-step trademarked system for developing an effective marketing plan custom-designed to fit your style.

3. Authentic Promotion A detailed, yet flexible, plan for confidently marketing yourself in total integrity with quality, class, and finesse.

Here are just a few of the many insights you’ll gain:

  • A seldom-used investment in potential clients that comes back tenfold.
  • The single most important principle required for attracting new clients (and you already have access to it).
  • Where to find free media and publicity opportunities missed by 99.9% of coaches.
  • 8 deadly sins of self-marketing and how to keep from falling prey to temptation.
  • Six low cost and no cost strategies for filling a coaching practice in record time.
  • 10 ways to give away expertise that bring an abundance of clients and a crowd of admirers.
  • 19 words that quadruple the referral of new clients into a coaching practice.

In the past century, no single publication has had so much influence as Think and Grow Rich. By the same measure, no single individual has changed so many lives for the better as Napoleon Hill. If he is not the father of coaching, he is certainly the grandfather.

In Bonus #3 you rediscover the roots of personal growth and the origins of coaching. The laws and principles described in this book run our lives. Use this as a handbook with your coaching clients and you will improve their lives dramatically.


Think and Grow Rich for Coaches

Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic now updated and revised specifically for coaches by Will Craig. New features include the thirteen Laws of the Universe. 248 pages. Retail value $12.95

Discover the famous formula and universal truths that spawned an entire personal growth industry. For some readers, the book helps them get their lives on track. For others, the insights are life-changing. Still others become disciples for the principles laid out between the covers of this e-book.

You’ll gain important knowledge from the experience of more than 500 persons of great wealth, who began from scratch, with nothing to give in return for riches except thoughts, ideas and organized plans.

Here are just a few of the many topics explored:

  • Desire – The starting point of all achievement and how the Law of Intention sets your course.
  • The unusual medium for influencing the subconscious mind and how to work the Law of Expectation in your favor.
  • The art of decision making and mastery over procrastination through the Law of Action.
  • The crystallization of desire into action and the ultimate power and unseen forces behind the Law of Attraction.
  • Imagination – The workshop of the mind and the critical thinking that flows from the Law of Creativity.
  • How your brain works as the broadcasting and receiving station for thought and the amazing Law of Attitude.
  • The ultimate driving force toward riches and how to put the Power of the Mastermind to work for you.
Napoleon Hill on Coaching…“[Andrew Carnegie] had taken into his business one young man after another, many of them with but little schooling, and by coaching them in the use of this formula, developed in them rare leadership. Moreover, his coaching made fortunes for everyone of them who followed his instructions.”

Now You Can Become Your Own Boss and
Enjoy The Life of a Self-Employed Professional

This is your opportunity to live the coaching lifestyle. You’ll be making a great living while helping others succeed. I know of no other profession that is this rewarding and fulfilling.

In addition to masterful coaching skills, you are also trained in how to build your business and market your practice. You are skillfully guided the entire way:

From one-on-one clients, to powerful group coaching sessions.

From landing your first client to diversifying a full coaching practice.

From fundamental promotional skills to fast track practice building.

At this point you’re probably wondering how much would a program like this cost? With all the contributing coaching experts sharing so many experiences, insights, and short cuts… the multimedia Coach Training Accelerator™ is easily valued at $1,400.

Yet even at this price, the course is a fraction of the cost charged by other training programs who expect you to pay more than two to three times that much ($3,200 to $4,800 or more) and would have you wait 2-3 years to begin your career.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – call it your first lesson in “counter-intuitive marketing.” There is a Law of the Universe that states, “You cannot give away more than you receive back.” Because we believe so strongly in this truism, we are going to divide –not multiply- the $1,400 value in half. This brings your investment down considerably to only $697 -OR- three easy payments of only $257.

You can get started RIGHT NOW without delaying your dreams by placing your order today.

A Simple Promise and
100% Risk Free Guarantee

Test-Drive the Accelerator Completely Risk Free
for a Full Six Months. If Our Complete System
Doesn’t Prepare You for Real World Coaching
Better, Faster, and for Less Money Than Any
Other Coach Training Program—Anywhere—
We’ll Pay You Your Money Back!

Your Satisfaction GuaranteedWe make this confident promise and back it up with a 100% money-back guarantee because we know the Coach Training Accelerator™ provides you with everything you need to become a successful coach.

If this comprehensive program isn’t everything we say it is (and more), just return the course and we will promptly issue you a full refund for the entire cost of the product. And there’s no pressure. You have the next six months to decide.

Why do we give you a full 6 months? Our guarantee is intentionally designed to enable you to complete the training and implement the step-by-step system. There is a tremendous need for well-trained coaches and we want you to make a great living helping others succeed.

The entire Coach Training Accelerator Development Team is confident you’ll receive so much more value than the small price of the program, we ALL stand behind this commitment.

This is our promise!
Will Craig, MA
Knowledge Guide & Mentor Coach
Founder – Coach Training Alliance
Will Craig, Founder

Now It’s Your Turn to
Live the Life of a Great Coach

It’s time to put your coaching career on fast forward. No matter where you are or where you want to be in building your practice, the Coach Training Accelerator™ moves you there better, faster, and for less money… guaranteed.

Take action on your goals and dreams now through this special offer. You have our promise AND a full money-back guarantee so there’s absolutely zero risk.

Yes, I Want to Accelerate My Coaching Success!

  • I understand I receive the completely revised, expanded, and improved edition of the Coach Training Accelerator™, including 346 pages of training materials and coaching resources.
  • I also receive more than 8 hours of CD-ROM tutorials (recording studio quality) that I can listen to at home, in my car, or on the run.
  • In addition, I get instant access to the Jump Start Accelerator program which I will be able to download to my desktop and begin within the next 5 minutes. This electronic format gives me instant, “clickable” access to the digital software and exclusive online resources.
  • AND I will have the opportunity to listen in on 5 full-length, true-to-life coaching sessions with five different coaches, real clients and tough topics.
  • I will be able to register for two hours of live teleclass training on becoming a coach. I can choose from several different times and dates for this orientation to the coaching profession that are convenient to me.
  • In addition, I will have all my ongoing questions answered and be able to learn other tips and strategies during the monthly call-in hosted by a Professional Certified Coach. This is available to me for an entire year.
  • I will also be able to customize my own coaching forms and templates included on the QuickStart disc in both Microsoft Word and Acrobat PDF format.
  • Additionally, I receive the Special Report fully describing the Powerful Daily Practices that will help me create a rich and fulfilling life for myself and my clients .
  • PLUS… I automatically receive $556.95 in free bonuses, including a complete advanced system for comfortably marketing and promoting my coaching practice in a style that is completely my own!

Please Rush Me the Entire
Coach Training Accelerator™ System Today

I don’t want to miss out on this special offer. I know I receive the complete Coach Training Accelerator™ system plus ALL of the FREE bonuses.

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I understand the Coach Training Accelerator™ system comes with a full, six-month money-back guarantee and I can receive a 100% refund anytime if I am not completely satisfied by simply returning the program.

Once my order is processed via your online secure form, my package will be rushed to me via UPS and I will receive a tracking number (US & Canadian shipments) so I can track the course all the way to my door!

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Are You Prepared to
Make a Great Living?

The minute you start the Accelerator, you begin your transformation in a 20-week graduate level course. You build a solid business foundation for your practice, and grow quickly with quality clients. You have the skills you need to help your clients get powerful results right away.

But the real reward is what happens next. For when you’re a coach, you are part of an important and rapidly emerging profession. You’re able to help others reach their goals in an effective, long-lasting way — and get paid for it! What could be better than that?

In short, this condensed training program provides you the tools, techniques, and strategies you need to quickly start and expand your own business. It is intentionally designed to have you building and filling your practice from Week One. You begin earning an income from coaching while you train. Order now using the link above.

Best wishes for incredible success in your coaching career!

Yours in coaching,

Will Craig, MA
Knowledge Guide & Mentor Coach
Founder –Coach Training Alliance

P.S. You could spend years and thousands of dollars getting trained before your earned a dime. But the Accelerator is different. With this program, you’ll get through the process much more quickly… expanding your skills in all the key areas… and get ready to start making money right away.

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Tax Deductible In the USA, all expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills are tax deductible. (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5). Please contact your tax consultant for further information.