Shifting the Shift – The New Coach Training Accelerator™ Online

Shifting the Shift – The New Coach Training Accelerator™ Online

Osborn1209-110WEBresby Chris Osborn

One of the greatest attributes of coaching is that what we co-create also manifests in our own businesses and practices. The practices, disciplines and guiding principles that we work to see come into our clients’ lives are just as powerful in our own. Every once in a while, it is an excellent exercise to step back and ask ourselves, “are we walking our talk?” Perhaps even more aptly put, “are we shifting our shift?”

At CTA, for fifteen years we have sold the industry leading curriculum in both self-study and Mentor- guided form. The best-selling Coach Training Accelerator™ has sold tens of thousands of copies and launched amazing coaching careers. Our community is filled with some of the industry’s most successful and well known coaches.   We have updated the Accelerator, we have revised the Accelerator and over time we have added digital components. However, we have never really “shifted” it.

This month we will do just that. A fully digital, online Coach Training Accelerator™ will replace what has been our foundational block for years. The strength of content and approach remain but what we have known in terms of production, delivery and process all shift to a new path.

It is scary, it has some unknowns, but it is exciting. It feels exceptionally grounded in what’s right for our students and our community and it’s late in coming. We know this because once we chose a new path and shifted from fear and holding on to the present and the destination, we knew we should have done this some time ago.

With the New Year approaching and the holidays offering some time for reflection, ask yourself the following questions.

  • In my business, in my life and in my practice, am I shifting the shift?
  • Am I allowing a new perspective?
  • Am I asking of myself or of my business that which I would ask a client facing the same landscape?
  • Am I viewing my current position from a position of fear of change or loss? (providing defensive answers to questions probing about change)
  • Am I grounded in what I “do” or in my value proposition of being present with my clients or prospects?
  • Am I working from a place of retention or possibility?

If you are struggling with these questions, find a Mentor Coach to open yourself back up to the blessings of a shift.

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Inviting our own shift can be challenging. That is one of the most valuable steps a coach can co-create for all of us. In this case, CTA is blessed with a dozen Mentor Coaches to which I owe thanks and to which the new on-line Coach Training Accelerator™ owes its success.