Announcing The NEW Coach Training Accelerator!

Accelerate your Success as a Life Coach and Jump on the “Fast Track” to Personal Fulfillment and Financial Success

The newly updated and expanded Coach Training Accelerator™
This is the complete, A-Z, step-by-step multimedia course on how you can become a successful and profitable coach…

The Coach Training Accelerator™ course offers a clear, easy way to:

The minute you start the Coach Training Accelerator™ program, the 20-week graduate level course is the beginning of your transformation. Build a solid business foundation for your practice and grow quickly with quality clients. Acquire the skills you need to help your clients get powerful results right away. (I like this,,,use it twice up here and below?) You have what it takes already to get started today!

  • Develop a solid coaching practice while you learn advanced coaching skills
  • Gain access to proven steps that help you land clients
  • Establish the basics for a coaching business as you learn
  • Become a coach in 20 weeks, guaranteed
  • Learn new coaching skills or polish old ones
  • Connect and build community with other coaches on monthly coaching call
  • Join 1000s of successful coaches who graduated through CTA
At CTA, we have shared the pathway to success in coaching with thousands. Your success is our passion. You have what it takes to get started today- grow rich helping others!
The newly revised and expanded Accelerator program is a complete A- Z multimedia course that combines proven techniques and guidance with direct access to a qualified coaching community. As a collection of best coaching practices, the practical, tool-oriented curriculum offers you access to a trusted coaching community to safely test your skills and grow as go. Our program is a proven path to success- built for coaches by practicing successful coaches. Your learning curve has been flattened and your path to success shortened by their true life experience and practical knowledge.
The best part? We have done all the research and leg work FOR you!
The Accelerator program is engaging, thorough and quickly moves student coaches towards their personal goals. What has made the program so successful for our 1000s of coaching graduates? The format. The Accelerator course content is ideal for self-study students. Each section logically builds on the last, and provides clear next steps. The program is also approved by the International Coaching Federation when integrated into our Certified Coach Program. (link)


Announcing The NEW Coach Training Accelerator!