Challenges & Solutions


“How do I know where to start and what tools will I need?” Turn to the Simple Coaching Model (page 4, Supporting Documents) and the QuickStart CD-ROM. You’ll find an elegant, easy-to-use coaching model that makes your coaching more intuitive. You’ll also find additional supporting documents, related articles, client tools, customizable coaching forms, and more…
“What is a coaching session like and how do I know what to say?” Listen to the Coaching Session CDs (1 thru 5) and review Lessons 10 & 11 in Section 3 – Effective Coaching Tools. Gain insights and direction from more than a dozen established coaches and experts. Read and hear actual coaching dialogues with real coaches and clients that illustrate the techniques, skills, and phrasing of masterful sessions.
“How do I set my fees and how much money can I make?” Refer to Lessons 7 Setting Your Rates & Accounting for Success and Lesson 15 Niche to Be Rich. Discover coaching fee ranges and where you fit. Learn how to fully develop your client base and tap into your niche market. Diversify your practice and generate multiple streams of coaching income.
“What do I need to do to set up my business and generate income?” Lay your foundation in Lessons 6 and 8 in Section 2 – Impeccable Business Sense and with the Client Attraction Plan Worksheet (page 59, Supporting Documents). Understand the details of owning your own business. Uncover the secrets to thinking like a successful entrepreneur and self-employed practitioner. Know how to attract your ideal clients.
“Where do I find new clients and how should I promote myself?” Review Lessons 13 – Attracting Versus Selling and Lesson 14 – Gaining Visibility and Credibility along with the Supporting Document, 20 Effective Marketing Approaches (page 41). Learn how to become a client magnet without selling. Know the inside scoop on building and sustaining a full practice without spending a dime on advertising.
“How can I be a masterful coach and a respected professional?” Immerse yourself in Section 1 – Coaching From Center, Section 3 – Effective Coaching Tools, and Section 5 – Masterful Coaching. Also, become familiar with the Professional Guidelines, Standards & Ethics in Lesson 3. Included are basic and advanced coaching skills, models, techniques, and strategies, like: seizing the ‘coachable moment’ and inviting the ‘shift.’
“Can this program increase my profits even after I’m firmly established?” Yes. Check Out Lesson 12 – Developing Strong Support Systems and Lesson 17- The Art of Coaching, and the Supporting Document, Achieving Balance (page 27). The program is tailored to the 3 stages of coaching: new coach, established coach, and advanced coach. Use the Accelerator as a companion guide to reference over and over again throughout your career.

When you have the Coach Training Accelerator™, all the answers you need are right at your fingertips. You’re even linked to additional supporting documents, related articles, and advanced work that helps build your practice quickly and confidently.

“I like how the Accelerator is split into modules and how each module has various aspects from class notes, to supporting documents, to related articles and advanced work. What I enjoy most is that it offers a nice blend of learning “how to be a great coach” and setting up a viable coaching practice. I don’t know where my practice would be without this combination.”

William F. Short
New York, NY