How much would you like to make?

Dear Friend,

et’s start with a question: If you could easily transition into your own professional level business, working from your home office, doing what you love… how much money would you like to make?

$100,000.00 or more

If your goal is to make great living while helping others succeed, congratulations! You have found the ideal way to achieve your desires in the shortest amount of time for the smallest investment. Read on to learn the fastest and most effective way to a successful and fulfilling coaching practice.

The First Step is Where You
Need the Most Guidance

My first year in coaching was challenging. But after lots of trial and error, I designed a system for myself that developed me into a respected coach and brought me more clients than I could handle. (And my annual income soared well above $60,000.)

People asked me to share that system and —long story short— this led to what I’m going to tell you about today. And what I am going to tell you flies in the face of the conventional wisdom. That so-called “wisdom” attempts to convince you that becoming a coach is a major investment of time and money.

Wrong! The fact is… good coach training doesn’t need to be expensive or take years to complete. What counts is finding the all-important answers to these questions:

      1. What do you need to know?

      2. When do you need to know it? and,

      3. How quickly can you turn this knowledge into clients and income?

Most of us find those answers to THOSE questions by attending the School of Hard Knocks. As you know, that’s not a lot of fun – and, it comes with an unusually high price tag.

An Easier, More Cost-Effective Path –
WITHOUT the “Busywork”

Here’s some good news: I’ve attended the courses for you, paid the high tuition, skipped only a few boring (and non-essential) classes, and, most important, discovered the answers to those tough questions. What I’m most excited to share with you are the things I didn’t expect to learn – things that are going to smooth the rough road faced by most self-employed professionals.

Yes, I’ve included the important parts of what I learned while earning my Master’s degree in Education and Human Development at the George Washington University in D.C. But more importantly, I’ve also included the essential “keepers” from life lessons and hard-earned experience.

Here is where all that comes from:

  • Years of professional coaching (since 1999) – all in all, 20+ years if you count the time before it was officially called coaching

  • Creating two powerful online newsletters (Coaching Compass and Promoting You!)

  • Teaching countless telesessions and coach training programs

  • Writing and co-authoring books (Success Without Selling, Exploring Coaching,
    Think and Grow Rich for Coaches

  • Developing interactive multimedia programs (Fill Your Coaching Practice)

  • Co-authoring and publishing numerous training programs (including the Coaching Practice Incubator and the Expert’s Fast Track), and

  • Serving as President of the Denver chapter of the International Coach Federation

Yet, despite all my experience, I don’t claim to have all the answers. So I went out and assembled an expert team of coaches and mentors to help create the unique and dynamic program I will tell you about shortly. The team’s prime directive: to research proven ways to quickly deliver coaching knowledge to new and established coaches.

We realized – as good as the programs we had already developed were – there was still a way to make them better. We KNEW we could STILL provide both basic AND advanced training that was better and faster… with greater value… for less money.

Rhonda Hess, Facilitator and Mentor Coach for the Certified Coach Program at the Coach Training Alliance, stepped up as the Master Curriculum Developer. A recognized leader in the coaching community and a truly gifted Mentor Coach herself, Rhonda proved to be the perfect guide (and driver) for the Accelerator.

More than a dozen other experienced coaches also contributed to this comprehensive program and helped zero in on the trigger points that truly make the difference in coaching success.