Real World Coaching

So What’s Coaching Really Like?

You can read about coaching. You can hear an example of what coaching should sound like. But nothing beats experiencing an authentic, true-to-life, honest-to-goodness coaching session.

And the only thing better than sitting in on a real session is experiencing five actual, unedited, start-to-finish coaching sessions from five very different coaches… each with their own unique style.

See where you fit in as a coach. Learn the nuances of coaching and why it’s changing lives so rapidly. Pick up valuable tips and techniques from all five coaches to use in your own coaching practice.

Coaching Session #1 with Coach Joanne

Coach Joanne guides her client thru business and personal issues toward taking consistent action to manifest his dream.

The session begins with a clarification of the agenda. Then Coach Joanne keeps the client on track with bottom-line questions and helps him stay in the moment by providing feedback and showing appreciation of energy and accomplishments. The client is able to develop well-defined action steps to move himself forward while confirming his commitment to the challenges.


Coaching Session #2 with Coach Dave

In this session, Coach Dave works with a long time client who has concerns about the feedback he has been given on his performance review. Through listening on multiple levels, and asking probing questions, Coach Dave helps to shift the client from concerns about his performance, to a more thorough understanding of his bosses needs and requirements.

This session is a good example of how a coach can help a client clarify their own thoughts and develop actions that will allow the client to move forward with action, rather than focus on the past.


Coaching Session #3 with Coach Rhonda

Coach Rhonda mentors her client on implementing effective strategies and establishing a solid business. She mentors her client on persistently attracting her targeted clients to her coaching business. Attention is given to the distinction between following up professionally rather than chasing prospective clients, while also having patience for the process of creating visibility and credibility over time.

This session demonstrates the techniques of guiding the client in staying committed to their goal.


Coaching Session #4 with Coach Laurie

Coach Laurie works with her client on developing the perfect niche and helps her drill down to the appropriate level.

This client had been struggling for quite a while with a few different target markets that she was passionate about, and had a hard time narrowing down to one. In this session, her creativity emerges and she crafts a unique niche that she is extremely excited about. Witness this breakthrough, and the resulting clarity that provides a clear path for her marketing plan.


Coaching Session #5 with Coach Drayton

Coach Drayton engages role playing and the client’s recent learning experience to invite a positive shift in the workplace.

His client is able to springboard from a revelation that makes him realize he should not give up on members of his staff. He becomes more inclusive of all employees, and overcomes a current culture of “learned helplessness.”With a focus on outcomes Coach Drayton assists his client in negotiating the crucial conversations necessary to address the underlying issues that have led to low morale and decreased productivity.


“After one sitting with the Accelerator, I acknowledged myself for having made the right decision. The way it is designed is brilliant! ”

Karen Ostranger
Port Angeles, Washington