The Most “Real World” Coach Training Available

What It’s Like Getting Started

Coaching is an incredible profession! The Accelerator walks you through the exact steps you need to take to reach your goals… from landing your first client to diversifying a full coaching practice with multiple income streams.

The first time you open the program you’ll want to just wander around the “virtual campus.” Become familiar with all the resources you have at your fingertips. These are the three main Centers of Learning:

Coaches Training Course
A 20-lesson comprehensive program providing step-by-step instruction. Self-study, self-paced course formatted to complement the CTA Certified Coach Program and serves as the “course text” for this optional next step in professional development..

Resource Library
Supporting documents including: outlines, examples, models, worksheets, templates, and printable forms. Related articles from various professional coaches and mentors providing additional insights and varying viewpoints.

Coaching Client Tools
On-going teleclasses, practice management software free trial, client assessment demos, recommended ezines, eBooks and products on the topics of Coaching & Mentoring, Marketing & eCommerce, and Writing & Publishing.

The Most “Real World” Coach Training Available
Here's Why…

As you continue to familiarize yourself with this amazing program, you’ll discover hundreds of pages containing exactly what you need to be truly successful in this business. No fluff… no filler… just straight-to-the-point facts, figures, and examples. A distinguishing feature of the Coach Training Accelerator™ is a multidimensional emphasis on ALL the components of a rewarding practice.

In addition to required coaching skills and techniques, you’ll learn and apply business development skills and gain professional practice marketing expertise. Your comprehensive training can be compared to a 3-legged stool:

    1. Coaching skills

    2. Business skills, and

    3. Marketing skills

This approach helps you because ALL of the skill sets for these three necessary competencies are essential for your professional coaching practice to stand strong, balanced, and secure. While the Coaching Skills account for nearly 50% of the training, the Business and Marketing training is critical to your success. You can be an amazingly skilled coach but if you haven’t established good business practices and effectively promoted your services, you will never attain the ultimate level of success you deserve.

Look at it this way: If even just one leg of the stool is missing, you will spend most of your time trying to keep from falling down.

Of course, it would be wonderful if all you needed to succeed was to be a great coach. After all, that’s where your instincts point you, right? And, to be brutally honest, that’s why other coach training programs only concentrate on teaching you 1/3 of what it takes to be truly great. They appeal to “fulfilling” those immediate, surface level desires without addressing the hidden secrets to a full and fulfilling practice – the business and marketing skills necessary to get and keep enough profitable clients.

Sadly, many of the prospective coaches in other programs end up taking years to meet their business and financial goals… if they ever reach them at all.

“Having the audio CDs made it very convenient to absorb the material while away from my office.  I particularly enjoyed hearing the examples of real coaching sessions by experienced coaches.”

Janice Sabatine
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Your unique advantage with the Coach Training Accelerator™ is that no other course takes this proven approach to ensure your professional AND financial success. By the end of the program, you will possess all three of these necessary competencies: coaching skills, business skills and marketing skills. Each skill is woven together with the others in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement system.

Important: Even though the material is extensive and in-depth, you will find the contents instantly accessible. All content pieces are cross-linked with one another, and that lets you effortlessly navigate key topics and areas of interest, to give you the help you need, when you need it most.

How This Program Gets Your Practice
Up and Running Very Quickly

The Accelerator combines the most effective tools, proven techniques, and best practices in the field of coaching. You receive expert recommendations as well as detailed practical information you can put to use immediately.

“The Accelerator is really invaluable. I use the CDs a lot. I have a 2 hour commute every day to Lausanne for my business accounting course and listen to the CDs over and over again!”

Valsa Verghese
Canton Vaud, Switzerland