What They say…

Here’s What Your Peers in the Profession Have to Say…

You’ll find the Coach Training Accelerator™ to be the ideal training program and companion guide for your growth and development as a coach. Just look at these comments from other coaches and coaches-in-training:

“I like the approach, the tone, the manner. It is as much personal as it is professional.”

Monika R. Smith
Reedville, Virginia

“It is really well done – simple, well orchestrated and laid out and full of practical information.”

Natascha McChessney
Rancho San Diego, California

“The content is written in an easy to read format, with examples relevant to the topic. Also, I really enjoy the related articles to each lesson.”

Nan Einarson
Ontario, Canada

“I recommended this course to a friend, though I did encourage her (as I had done) to explore all the other opportunities. This is –by far– better organized, more reasonably priced and offers the highest level of quality and professionalism necessary to spearhead our coaching careers. Thank you!”

Cynthia Kaplan
Mexico City, Mexico

“It is well laid out and has a variety of contributors with useful examples and ideas. It is comprehensive in that it not only gives valuable How-to coach information, it also covers and stresses marketing and business practices”

Patricia A. Thompson
Morganton, North Carolina

“What I find most valuable is the ease of use and the many avenues to follow for one lesson. It leads me to many new discoveries. Sometimes I read them over several times.”

Patty Levasseur
Valdez, Alaska

“Professional, accessible, and comprehensive. A good balance between coach training and business aspects… plus, I love the quotes!”

Charlotte Gloede
Roseville, California

“The Coach Training Accelerator is so complete. I have a Masters Degree and I have never had access to information as complete as this.”

Charlene Helble
Okemos, Michigan

“I favor complex thoughts but like concise expressions. This is what I find with the training. There's never a time that I wondered about the meaning of the instruction. I know how difficult it is to get complex messages across to diverse audiences. Whoever designed it is genius in my book.”

Blanca Stephens
South Huntington, New York

“The Accelerator is a great course, packed with great content and very easy to navigate. All the information needed to start a coaching practice is in this program.”

David Mason
Nova Scotia, Canada

“I find the worksheets and exercises most helpful. It’s great not having to reinvent the wheel. I have already recommended this course to several friends and told them how the program is effective, valuable and fun.”

Jackie Nolan
Sacramento, California